Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stone, Age 1

Stone is a toothy, laughy stair-climber who has discovered how to throw balls and ride our bathroom scale like it's a rodeo bull. He also loves pushing around his favorite red plastic car and sneaking into bathrooms to splash in the toilet water. Discovering how excited we get when he imitates us, he has mastered "bye-bye" waving, kissing, talking on the phone ("Uh?" he intones, like "hello?"), and all the actions of patty-cake (though only sometimes in the right order). He has taken 5 steps several times each day this week, and my favorite development happened tonight: Lindsay had gotten hurt and was crying hard, and Stoney speed-crawled up to her, pulled himself up on her leg and reached up for her to hold him. She picked him up and he planted an unsolicited open-mouth "Mmmaaaaa" kiss on her cheek and laid his head down on her shoulder.

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