Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lucy, Age 5

Last night we were talking about what our body is made of (skin, bones, muscle, etc.), and Lucy knew all sorts of amazing facts. Then she quizzed us "and what is each ear made of?" "What?" we asked. "Half a falafel!! Hahahahaha!!" And off she ran. This is classic Lucy - she'll be wearing a beautiful dress with jewelry and flowers in her hair ("Is it okay if I'm more like Glinda than Elphaba?" she asked me once), and if you say "you look gorgeous" she'll reward you with a weird facial contortion and a burst of jibberish. She loves to make people laugh (especially her little brother, who laughs harder with Lucy than with anyone else). Lucy also loves climbing on every conceivable surface, and her jaw dropped in delight when I told her that some people love Gymnastics so much (and work so hard at it) that they start to go to more than one class per week. She tells me she doesn't want to do ballet (despite her dancer's body and crazy-flexible feet), but she can rock out to ABBA's "Man After Midnight" like you've never seen. Lucy loves money (she'll do any chore for a quarter), she does an incredible British accent, she gives tight, heartfelt hugs, and writes love notes to all of us almost every day.
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