Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lindsay, Age 8

I was spraying sunblock onto the kids last week when Lindsay ran in, announcing, "Mom, you've got to stop using spray cans! They contribute to global warming." Lindsay is eight years old, and ready to take on all the world's issues. I literally can not keep up with her appetite for books - she brings novels home from the library and reads through bus rides, meals and play time until she finishes them the same day. It's darling to hear her occasionally pronounce words wrong that she knows in print, but has never heard used (she said someone was a "lunatic," for example, emphasis on the "a") or use old-fashioned grammar if she's been reading Dickens or Twain or something. The only thing that can get Lindsay's nose out of a book is riding her bike or scooter or playing with friends. Or practicing the piano! She started studying at Christie Peery Skousen's academy a few months ago, and told me that "Aura Lee" is the most beautiful melody she's ever heard. She loves to play it, and my heart bursts when I hear her using expressive dynamics or figuring out music by ear.
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