Sunday, June 14, 2009


Some gems from the past couple of weeks:

Lucy had endured a long carpool afternoon in the car, and had needed to use the restroom for hours. She was close to an accident, so I asked her if she would make it. Her reply: "Don't worry. My bladder just grabbed my pee pee by its pants and yanked it back inside. Now it's sitting on the couch watching t.v., just waiting to come out."

Sophie (with fists clenched, leg stomping): "WHY AM I NOT AN ADULT YET???"

Also from Sophie: "I want lucy's tea set so bad, when I look at it my eyes glow."


Lindsay said...

HILARIOUS! That's how I felt about your stroller! When I think about it my brain glows!

Thank you for sharing. Can I come and stay with you guys again? I miss you guys and your funny, funny kids.

SB said...

gotta love feisty girls!! super-memorable comments!

Christiaan Allebest said...

Sooo funny! I simultaneously can't wait till Cate gets to where she is saying hilarious things like that and terrified at how quickly she is growing up. It seems like just a couple years ago that I was marveling at my newborn niece Lindsay.